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1095 N Main St, Orange CA




1263 State Ave, Marysville WA

Escape From: The Unknown

Escape From: Marie’s Children

Escape From: Earth War

Escape From: Annihilation

Have trouble completing a room? Redos are now available!

Wednesday – Friday ($15 per person for 30 mins)

Call to book a redo

What is an Escape Room

Escape rooms are an experience where you and your team, find clues to solve puzzles, as you race against time. You will have SIXTY minutes to complete the story, fail and the consequences may be dire.

Why do an Escape Room

Full value entertainment like you have never experienced before. You will leave feeling accomplished, and fulfilled even if you don’t finish, you will feel successful. If nothing else come and try something new to see for yourself

Why Immersion

Our escape rooms will be unique. We are in the North end, and with a lack of entertainment options we offer something that will not disappoint you. Setting the bar for what you should expect out of an escape experience. Creating a memory for you and your group, leaving you excited and wanting to see what’s next. Having participated in a number of Escape Rooms we know what works and what does not. This will be an unforgettable experience, we promise you that much.

What Happens at Immersion

If you have previously experienced an escape room you are probably already getting excited. An escape room is a story and at Immersion you will be put into that story. As the main characters in this experience you will feel like you are in your own movie. How will it end is up to you, find all the clues, solve all the puzzles, and finish your story before time runs out. You have SIXTY minutes to complete the story, and teamwork will be needed to unlock the secrets within.