Escape From Annihilation


What is now known as the Earth War incident is remembered by intelligence operatives worldwide for the disgrace it caused Weyland Industries. After the company’s downfall, many expected that its CEO, Peter Weyland, would receive a harsh sentence as payment for his crime of almost causing the end of the world while continuing his father’s twisted experiments. Instead, he escaped just before the trail was to begin. Also missing are Eugene Weyland, the founder of Weyland Industries and his daughter, Alice Weyland. They are wanted as part of an ongoing investigation into crimes committed years ago.

Before vanishing, Peter managed to acquire a new technology from his father, allowing him to slip through time. He has also stolen valuable research from the Umbrella Corporation’s scientist, Dr. Birkin. Using several different sources, we have been able to piece together Peter’s strategy. We believe that he has escaped into time and intends to destroy humanity in the year 2055, using a new and extremely deadly virus. His motives for doing this are unknown at this time.

In order to create a defensive strain which can be used to prevent global annihilation, the Umbrella Corporation has put together a new group: The Icarus Team. As members of this exclusive unit, you have been tasked with finding all of the virus samples needed to create the defensive strain. Your superiors at the Umbrella Corporation are not sure exactly where you will have to go to find these samples, only that it will require you to utilize your superior intellect across space and time.





Show up 15 minutes early to fill out our waiver and pay.
Good Luck, the fate of the Earth may rest in your hands