Escape From Earth War


You are among the elite members of the CRU and Dark Division investigative units. You have been dispatched to explore the remains of something that entered the atmosphere in Marysville, WA. Your superior, Commander Broils, has advised you to use extreme caution, as he is not sure what you may encounter. Your job is to gather intel on anything you find in the location. Also, should you find any alien life forms, you are to retrieve a sample for further analysis. The Pentagon seems especially interested in any type of unknown specimens. “Observe, report, and retrieve” is what you have been commissioned to do.
Once you arrive on site, it appears that some sort of ship has crash landed. As you go through the wreckage, you take note of some strange artifacts, symbols, and even some sort of creature tracks. While you continue your investigation through the rubble you can’t shake the feeling that you are the ones being watched. Once you complete your initial search of the area, something catches your eye. Quickly you snap a photo, not exactly sure of what you may or may not have just witnessed, and everything goes black…
You come to your senses some time later, not knowing what has happened. As you get your bearings, a sinking feeling sets in. You don’t really know where you are. The last thing that you remember is snapping that strange photo. You can only hope the upload made it to your headquarters.





Show up 15 minutes early to fill out our waiver and pay.
Good Luck, the fate of the Earth may rest in your hands