Where are you located?

A: We are located at 1263 State Ave Marysville, WA 98270

When are you open?

A: We officially open Feb 9th, and we are accepting bookings now.

What are you prices?

A: Please refer to our pricing page for full details.

What is an escape room?

A: We give you the start of a story, you have 60 minutes to find all of the clues and solve the puzzles to complete your experience. Your choices will determine the ending to the story.

What is your age limit?

A: We have no age limitations but recommend ages 12 and up.

Do you do parties?

A: YES! See our pricing page for the details.

What is YOUR escape room story about?

A: Our first experience “Escape From The Unknown”, is about a scientist who’s daughter is diagnosed with a terminal illness. After modern medicine fails him, he decides to try and find a cure for her. Dr Eugene Weyland, a renowned geneticist discovers a way of splicing human and animal DNA. Your team leader was sent to investigate the recent disappearances in the area and has been out of contact for the past 48 hours. Your team has been sent in to find out why, and solve the mystery of what is going on. DA DA DAAAAAA

What makes your escape room different?

A: A drive to create something AWESOME is what makes us different. We wanted to bring the community something that we would want to experience ourselves. Nothing small and mediocre, but something that would catch our attention so much, that we could not stop talking about it. Special effects, complete story, adventure, excitement, and most of all FUN for everyone. We do that with a completely IMMERSIVE experience from the moment you walk in until the time you leave. Once you arrive your launched into your story, our staff is in character and you can ask them anything you would like. Once you enter the hallway into your escape then you will no longer be in the real world, YOU will be in your story. We do not skimp on the details. Aesthetically pleasing rooms, plenty of puzzles, and a few tricks up our sleeves will give you an experience like no other. 

What’s your story, why an escape room, why Marysville?

A: We started off as enthusiasts ourselves. Initially our first escape room was in Vegas and we were hooked. We made it home and decided to see what our area had to offer. We were happy with a lot of what we saw and decided it was time to bring something fun and exciting to the North end. Community is a big part of our lives and Marysville needs more entertaining things to do.