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Immersion Presents Framed for Murder

  • Max Players: 10 People
  • Recommended Players: 8 People
  • Game Length: 60 Minutes
  • Difficulty: 4
  • Room Style: Who Dun It
  • Room Type: Thought Driven
    (Predominantly thinking based puzzles with some hands on activities mixed in)
  • Success Rate: 36%


You have been tracking the whereabouts of an ancient relic known as the bloodstone. Following a lead, after lead, the elusive artifact cannot be found. During your search, a strain of murders has occurred, and you are now the prime suspect and have been wrongfully accused of foul play. You have hired a private investigator Rick Stacey to help find out who has set you up. Hoping he can help to clear your name and find out who the real killer is. Time is short, and Rick has contacted you, claiming he has the evidence needed to help exonerate you of this crime. Do you have what it takes to prove your innocence?

Those Who Escaped Framed for Murder

I’ve a huge escape room fan, and this one really impressed me! The levels of the puzzles were intricate but not too difficult, and the production was so good! We really felt like we were in the private investigator’s office trying to solve the mystery.

12/2018 Celine L.

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