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Immersion Presents The Cursed

  • Max Players: 12 People
  • Recommended Players: 10 People
  • Game Length: 60 Minutes
  • Difficulty: 5
  • Room Style: Treasure Hunter / Thrill Seeking
  • Room Type: Hands On
    (Predominantly interactive/symbolic/linked puzzles with some thought driven aspects)
  • Success Rate: 33%


There is a legend about a cemetery deep in the marsh that possesses artifacts & riches beyond comprehension. Those that seek it out are never heard from again. It is said that the gods of old have cursed, “The Black Willow Cemetery” until balance can be restored to the underworld. The Bishops, caretakers of the cemetery, have been there for more than eight generations forever cursed to remain on the grounds for eternity. Are you thrill seekers and treasure hunters, or are you here to return balance? Do you have what it takes to solve what is lurking within The Cursed?

Those who escaped The Cursed

One of the best escape rooms in Orange! SO and I tried out “The Cursed” and it was very entertaining. They do a wonderful job of making each puzzle unique and fresh, that way you don’t go through the motion of just solving through the escape room with just one type of problem. I would definitely recommend! 🙂

09/2019 Thao H.

Location Orange

  • 1095 N Main St, Suite B,
    Orange, CA 92867


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